"I no longer experience stress from a high or low perspective, I merely glide through it."  - Computer Programmer (37 yrs)

" I couldn't get here fast enough, I feel like I am going to be recharged, like a plug in a socket." Businessman (38yrs)

The whole family benefits from my having Body Stress Release, I am in a much better mood and can cope far more efficiently, in fact, my husband insists that I come to see you." - Housewife (39yrs)
"I have found  that my attitude towards life and motherhood is far more positive." Mother (30yrs) - 4 month old baby

"I came to you in 120% pain, and am now 98% better and am back at work full time." Garden landscaper     (35 yrs)

"Body Stress Release is the only technique that I have experienced that addresses the whole person and not just their symptoms,  I have learnt so much and thoroughly enjoy my sessions."
Social worker (39 yrs)

I am feeling so much calmer inside." Hairdresser (40 yrs) 
"My body is loving everything you do to it. It feels winded and I experienced a refreshing renewal of energy." Workshop Facilitator (39 yrs)

"I feel I am getting my mind around things again.  I am improving mentally."Retired (64 yrs)

"I am actually listening at seminars and conferences now, whereas before my lower back ached so much, it caused me to focus on when the next tea break would be." Catering Manager (45 yrs) 

"Work doesn't seem so frustrating, my blood no longer boils as it did before. Home seems more
harmonious." Receptionist (28 yrs)

"I feel more in tune with myself." Retired (58yrs)

She takes my back like this and rubs it (holds her lower back) and she makes my back feel all better and I am fine now! It was so nice.  I want to go to Charlotte again.  Body Stress Release baby (3 yrs)

After being diagnosed 3 years ago with MS, I was devastated and still have difficulty in accepting it.  Thankfully for me I was passed a book called Body Stress Release.  I read the book several times and could very much identify stressful times in my life would bring about a relapse.  I now have Body Stress Release and am feeling so much better.  It is not a quick fix but gradually I am beginning to feel like my old self again.  MS sufferer (51 yrs)

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