The Body Stress Release Practitioner and Body Stress Release Technique offer the following features:

The use of a holistic approach, working with the entire person and their present/past circumstances
which may have exerted an influence on the physical/mental or emotional discomfort they may be
presently experiencing. 

The use of a gentle, non-invasive technique, encouraging the body and mind to release its
accumulated stress and tension in its own time. The emphasis is on encouraging the body and
mind, not forcing it.

Records a detailed and accurate case history in order to trace the influence of past events and
accidents, facilitating the application of logical explanations.

Encourages hope, optimism, faith and enthusiasm within clients, empowering them with
knowledge, awareness and insight into their present condition.

Does not diagnose.

There is no medication used.

No forceful manipulation is applied.

No massage is applied. 

No form of machinery is used.

Attends to clients lying down who are fully clothed -  there is no undressing.

Although there may be some minor sensitivity immediately after a release, there is no major
long term dangerous side effects.

Facilitates and encourages the process of releasing the various layers of muscle tension and the recommendation of a regular maintenance pogramme to keep performing at optimal
functioning, to obtain the most from the technique and enjoy full quality of life.

Creates a safe, supportive and balanced environment conducive to stress release and


For further information or an appointment please contact the Body Stress Release Practice on  01920 460 458