Complementing Traditional Medicine

Body Stress Release has been researched and developed in South Africa since 1981, and in that country it has built up a cooperative relationship with medical practitioners, with a large number referring their patients to Body Stress Release.

Orthopaedic Surgeons recommend Body Stress Release in cases of lower back disc prolapse, and in some instances patients that were scheduled for surgery no longer require the operation and continue to make progress with Body Stress Release care.  Paediatricians recommend Body Stress Release for children with leg pains (“growing pains”), bed-wetting, and for babies who cry constantly as a result of body stress in the  neck or lower back incurred during the birth process.  There have been a number of children with varying degrees of cerebral palsy, who have responded very favourably – spasmed limbs have relaxed, paralysis has withdrawn from legs and the children have started walking.  A dermatologist has found that some patients with unexplained persistent itches find relief when spinal tension is released.  

Over the years Body Stress Release has earned the respect of medical practitioners, as patients have reported the benefits they have received. The medical world appreciates the fact that Body Stress Release restricts itself to its scope of practice and does not duplicate medical services.  Thus it is a complementary, not alternative, health care approach.

Body Stress Release Practitioners have developed positive professional working relationships with the medical fraternity. General Practitioners, Orthopaedic Surgeons, Paediatricians, Cardiologists and other specialists have referred patients for Body Stress Release and in many instances surgery has been avoided.

Clients who are on medication are always advised to keep in close contact with their doctor. As Body Stress Release stimulates the body's natural self-healing ability, the doctor may find that the dose needs to be reduced. This may apply to diabetics, those with high blood pressure or asthma.

Referrals are also made from Body Stress Release practitioners to Doctors. If a Body Stress Release Practitioner notices that something is hindering the healing process or working against it, the client is advised to seek medical investigation and possible screening. A client's mind can then be put at rest. If no underlying cause is found, often the symptoms may be attributed to locked-in body stress. Clients undergoing Body Stress Release may find that as the body starts to heal itself, the various medications they have been taking to suppress pain or discomfort, may no longer be required.

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