Clients have experienced numerous physical, mental/emotional and behavioural benefits from receiving Body Stress Release on a regular basis.
Positive client benefit feedback include:

Physical Benefits:
Improved quality of life
Relief of general and specific stress symptoms
Pain reduction, especially neck and shoulder tension, lower back problems and headaches 
Increased flexibility/mobility
Better overall body balance, stamina, posture and control
Postural alignment and improvement
Improved physical performance, renewed confidence in the ability to partake in exercise of their choice
An Increase in general energy and vitality
Development of mindfulness in all physical activities, whether work or pleasure
Success in discovering the root cause of a physical symptom experienced
Successful prevention of future physical complications after accidents and falls eg whiplash/falls
Presenting with ease (i.e. no lower back problems during business presentations)
Undertaking physical day to day tasks with ease eg housework, driving, moving objects etc
Development of a healthy respect for the body and mind
An awareness of the interconnectedness of the whole body - body and mind
Development of a  healthy awareness, respect and understanding of the physical body

Mental/Emotional and Behavioural Benefits
Positive changes in behaviour and attitude in all ages
Sense of wellbeing
Sense of lightness of being
Renewed mental energy and enthusiasm
Enhanced and renewed creativity
Improved focus, concentration and memory
Prioritization of the importance of selected tasks
Achieving more in less time and an improvement in time management skills
Increase in patience and resilience
Improvement and changes in family and business dynamics
Improved family and working relationships
Reduction and control of worry, anxiety, tearfulness, irritability and panic attacks
Increase in humour and the ability to laugh a lot more

Body Stress Release is a sensible, safe and gentle approach to managing stress and preventing future physical, mental, emotional and behavioural complications which may arise as a result of accumulated stress and tension over time, resulting in a stress overload response.










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